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Why Positive Thinking Leads to Success

There is a common characteristic that a majority of the most successful people on the planet possess – they think positively. It might sound too good to be true that thinking positively leads to success, but like all things worth doing, it requires dedication and hard work to have positive thoughts at all times. It’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t get the offer for your dream job, your significant other of several years kicks you to the curb, or you just can’t seem to bring in the amount of money you desire to make no matter how hard you try. But those that reach true success in life take these setbacks as learning experiences and fuel for positive growth in life, while the majority of the world will look at these problems and handle with a negative response since that’s the easier route to take. It’s easy to give up on your dreams when you realize the amount of work it will take to achieve them – when you allow your thoughts to steer towards the negative aspects of chasing your dreams (which is natural because it’s easy to do), you don’t do the things you should to make your life a success story. When you open your eyes, see every setback as an opportunity, treat people with respect, and view the world as a generally good place, you create a world for yourself that breeds positivity, success, and happiness.

Why Positive Thinking Works

Let’s take a simple example that an alarmingly high amount of Americans can relate to in order to illustrate why positive thinking allows you to be successful in life. General dissatisfaction with your job or occupation. So many people deal with this issue, so let’s look at how a negative thinker deals with the issue and then look at how a positive thinker deals with this issue.

Negative Thinker

The negative thinker wakes up in the morning after pressing the snooze button three or four times with a sensation of dread before slurping down 3 coffees on their way to work, commuting through heavy traffic. Their job is boring and it’s hard to understand the point of what they are doing. Given this generally apathetic attitude towards their work, the negative thinker produces poor quality work products and never really gets good reviews from their bosses. Finally, after skating by another work day, the negative thinker seeks any outlet for forgetting about the boring day they just had in hopes to enjoy what little time they have set aside for themselves: watching TV, going to the bar multiple nights a week, scrolling through Instagram for an hour, etc. The negative thinker’s approach to work and life outside of work leads to a strong lack of motivation or drive and this person generally settles for what life has handed them. 50 years after starting a career they are not passionate about, the negative thinker retires, looks back on their life, and realizes that they wasted the precious time they were given to make something of. The negative thinker lives a life of general unhappiness, unrealized potential, and eventually, regret.

Positive Thinker

The positive thinker wakes up to the sound of their alarm clock at 5:30 or 6:00 – well before they need to get to work – in order to think about what they can do to capitalize on the opportunity that the new day brings. They go to the gym in the morning because they know it will make them feel better about themselves and hold the attitude that the pain of going to the gym won’t be that bad. They go to the job that they don’t particularly care for, but put a smile on their face as they walk into the office because they look at this job as a means to developing the life they dream about living. They remove themselves from the work itself, but instead to the impact that being a successful worker can have on their life in the big picture. For example, a positive thinker might hold the goal of starting a real estate investment company, and looks at their job as a means towards achieving that larger goal – this helps them stay positive about even the most boring days at the office. While the positive thinker is also excited for 5 o’clock to roll around, he or she does not go home looking to escape the reality of what the work day brought upon them. The positive thinker looks at the time after work as a great opportunity to work towards their bigger goals – that side business, maintaining strong relationships, and planning what they will do to escape the rat race. The positive thinker goes to bed exhausted most nights a week, but with a feeling of content knowing that they used that day to the fullest of their potential and will do the same thing the next morning.

How to Put Positive Thinking Into Action

It makes sense to you that thinking positively allows you to tackle the ups and downs of life head on and in stride. But for those who are used to letting their thoughts creep into negative territory (as I used to), it can be tough to create a shift in mindsets overnight. Below are 5 great ways to start incorporating positive thinking into your daily life. Your new attitude towards each day will be life changing.

  1. Wake up at 6 AM or earlier each day. Happy, positive, and motivated people wake up early. They are able to take control of the day by working out, working on their side business, or whatever else they need to do for themselves and are able to start the day on a high note.
  2. When you receive unpleasant news, ask yourself how to make this a positive. If you lose your job, what can you do to turn this experience into a positive one? Certainly not sulk in your bedroom for weeks on end – if you’ve always been wanting to start your dream business, your lost job has gifted you the free time to build something of your own.
  3. Workout 5 times per week. Working out allows you to maintain a positive mindset because it allows you to put yourself through something that’s difficult and come out on the other side a better person on a daily basis. When you learn to think positively about the task at hand (working out), you’ll be able to take that energy into the rest of your life as well.
  4. Be the first person to say hello when walking down the street. This is a small thing, but when you become friendly towards everybody you’ll start to see that there are a lot of good people in the world which will help you maintain a good attitude. By being the first one to say hello, you’ll open yourself up to more new friendships than you could ever imagine.
  5. Take 10 minutes first thing in the morning to plan what you want to accomplish for the day. Planning out your day first thing when your mind is clearest will allow you to become a more productive person which in turn will help you achieve each new day with a more positive outlook because you’ll begin to understand that you’re in complete control of how your day goes.

These are all small things to implement in your life, but you’ll begin to realize that these small things add up to an overall happier and more positive mindset towards life. What are your thoughts on positive thinking? Do you implement this practice in your daily life? Looking to improve? Leave a comment below.

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