Why I’ve Taken a Hiatus (and Why I’m Back) – Net Worth Update: $81.8K

For me, the goal hasn’t changed – at least not entirely. I still want to achieve massive, unthinkable success before the age of 30. But over the past few weeks after thinking a lot to myself, talking with my business partners, and reading opinions about what makes a person successful, I realized that my journey is about so much more than just becoming a millionaire before the age of 30. Don’t get me wrong – I’ll still be trying my best to create a successful company, and I want a million dollars will be a byproduct of that success, but what I’ve realized is I value time far more than money. I love to travel, I love to watch my favorite Chicago sports teams in person, and I love to spend as much time with my family and friends who I consider family as humanly possible.

While at work the other day, I was browsing Reddit and came across a sub-reddit that I found particularly interesting and applicable to the internal struggle I’ve been feeling over the past few weeks. The sub-reddit is dedicated entirely to the subject of financial independence. As I read through some of the top posts, I had a moment of clarity. I don’t want to have a million dollars to say I have a million dollars – I want to have a million dollars so I can do all of the things I want to do in my life – spend time with my friends and family, travel the world, own my own business, become a scratch golfer, play guitar in a blues band, and more. But if there are ways for me to accomplish all those things without necessarily becoming a millionaire by the age of 30, then why wouldn’t I entertain a different approach? But what I love about MillionBy30 is it’s tangible. Monitoring your net worth allows you to keep score and motivates me to keep taking massive action. Will I consider myself a failure if I don’t become a millionaire by 30? No. But I believe having that goal to strive towards will make me a better person as long as I don’t sacrifice my closest relationships in order to achieve that goal.

And this is why I haven’t written a post in quite some time. I wanted to take time to myself to think about what I really want – and I’ve decided I want to continue pursuing this project. But, as it always has been for me, this blog will be more about self-improvement and lifestyle design than strictly the pursuit of $1,000,000 in my net worth column. I hope you all are still ready to stay along for the ride.

What are your thoughts about the focus of this blog? If you are excited to learn and discuss more than strictly the accumulation of money, please share this blog to your friends and family! Leave a comment below with your thoughts, comments, and questions.

Net Worth Update – My net worth has slightly declined over the past month due to a slightly decreased value on my home’s Zillow estimate as well as the amount I’ve been traveling for work. Due to all of the travel expenses, my cash outflows and inflows are both much larger and lead to a more varying net worth week to week. Additionally, I’ve started to make an investment in myself that I will discuss in greater detail in a following post.

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