The Importance of Planning Your Upcoming Week on Sunday – Net Worth: $77.2K (CoffeeForTheBuzz)

The Importance of Planning Your Upcoming Week on Sunday – Net Worth: $77.2K

When you’re a young adult it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to balance a career, social life, personal finances, and staying healthy. But being successful in all of these areas is what it takes to live your happiest life. I believe that the best way to become successful in all areas of life is to do everything you do intentionally. This might sound obvious, but so many people skate through life day in and day out without really questioning what they are doing – and then they’re nearly retired wondering how they just wasted the last 30 years of their life. One small thing I do every week to ensure that this doesn’t happen to me is to deliberately plan out my upcoming week so that I make sure I create the time to get done everything that I want to get done.

So, each Sunday, usually at night, I sit down with a notepad and paper and write the name of each day of the upcoming week on seven consecutive sheets of paper. The first thing I plan out is my exercise plan for the week – I believe exercise and fitness is a critical component to success so I always make sure I make time for working out no matter what. Generally, I build in 2 to 3 days of running, and 3 to 4 days of weight lifting. I usually take 1 or 2 days off per week as well.

Then, I’ll plan out what key items I need to get done for my personal businesses – for example, I schedule out my blog posts, the creation of my weekly newsletter, any websites that I’m currently building, and work for my real estate company. I think it’s important to note that I plan out what I’m doing for MY businesses before I move onto planning what I’ll be doing for my career (other people’s business). You need to think about your business(es) as the top priority in your professional life or you will not get very far with them.

Next, I move on to planning any key tasks or deliverables I’ll need to do at work for the upcoming week. This tends to shift frequently, but I also find that this aspect of my life doesn’t need to be as well planned out since the very nature of having an office job means you have planned hours that are scheduled for you to get any work-related items accomplished. When I travel for work, however, I plan out specific tasks that I may only be able to do at our home office in Chicago rather than at a client’s office.

On the weeks that I get paid, I plan out some time to evaluate my personal financial situation, pay bills, research investments, and assess how my budgeting has been going. Setting aside dedicated time to investigate my financial situation allows me to make the best decisions I can possibly make and come up with a plan to make sure I keep ending up in a better position at the end of the day than I was at the beginning. From there it’s all about execution, but most people don’t even have a financial plan to execute on.

Once I have all of the above planned out, I also schedule any social plans I have made in advance just so I know that those are things I will need to work around. I don’t go over the top as far as setting periods of time for “hanging out” – I think that’s a bit of a psycho move and takes the fun out of life. But I just like to keep myself conscious of things that I have already committed to.

So, let’s take a look at an example of my plan for the week (I’ll leave out the details of my work life for obvious reasons):


  • Lift @ 6
  • Work
  • Dinner w/ Work Team
  • Finish Client A Website
  • Work on Personal Real Estate Company Website
  • Continue Building Out Blog Site


  • Run 5 Miles
  • Work
  • Meet w/ Real Estate Business Partner
  • Build Blog Email List


  • Lift @ 6
  • Work
  • Build & Complete Weekly Newsletter
  • Paycheck: Evaluate Financial Standing


  • Run 3 Miles
  • Distribute Weekly Newsletter
  • Work
  • Investigate Process for Becoming a Real Estate Agent on the Side
  • Begin Writing Next Blog Post


  • Lift @ 6
  • Work
  • Website work
  • Finish Next Blog Post


  • Post Blog Post, Build Email List
  • Lift @ 7:30
  • Website work & Real Estate Work/Planning & Research
  • Golf


  • Run 5 Miles in Morning
  • Brainstorm Next Blog Post/Begin Writing
  • Build Email List
  • Evaluate Budgeting for the Week
  • Personal Business Work Time

Once I take the time to plan out my week like I have above, I have a much better sense of clarity and focus going into the upcoming week. Everything seems attainable since I now have a plan for execution. If you don’t yet plan your week out on Sundays, make this week the first time! If you already do this, leave a comment below on how it has positively impacted your life. If you don’t do this yet, comment on whether or not you’ll consider starting and why or why not. Have a great week everyone. Life is good.

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