How To Reverse Engineer The Path To Your Next Goal – Net Worth Update: $84.4K

Remember when you told your buddies at the office that last January would be your last day working for the company? You were going to be on to bigger and better things like starting your own business or working for that new startup? But then it never happened? Why is that? I am guilty of this myself. It’s far too easy to set an arbitrary goal and deadline for yourself, but never follow through. There’s a significant level of thought that must occur to ensure you are able to provide yourself with choices throughout your life.

What This Post Will Cover:

  • I am going to pick one of my major goals, becoming a software engineer (freelance or employed by a company), and develop my plan to get there using the reverse engineering process.
  • My goal is to lay out a brief process that you can mimic to accomplish your biggest goals in life, even if the work to get there seems insurmountable now.

What Is Your Biggest Goal Right Now?

This is a simple, but important question that allows you to focus your efforts in the coming months. My biggest goal right now happens to be becoming proficient in JavaScript and Ruby (the programming languages). This is because learning these languages will allow me to begin doing freelance work while at my current job as well as add to my marketable skills if I choose to look for another job while building my own businesses.

What Will It Take to Get There?

I think of my goals in terms of time and money that it will take to achieve. There is always a balance between the two. For example, I could learn both languages in 3-4 months if I quit my job and enrolled in an expensive boot camp. That would be a low amount of time, but a high amount of money. On the flip side, I could learn both languages in 2 years or so if I never left my job and went the self-taught route with free online resources and books. Low money, but lots of time. What you really are asking yourself is:

What balance of time and money am I willing to trade in order to get to my goal?

I’m willing to spend some money, but since I have other goals that are capital intensive, like investing in another real estate property, I don’t want to go all out and quit my job and enroll in a coding boot camp. At the same time, I want to dive in to my learning and be held accountable to finish my learning in a reasonable amount of time. For me, the best option ended up being an online coding boot camp that I pay for monthly. This incentivizes me to finish the course as quickly as possible and is much more cost effective than quitting my job and enrolling in a full-time boot camp.

This process isn’t rocket science, but it can be a simple mind shift for many people when they think about the way they currently look at their goals. In the past, I’ve been guilty of being a dreamer rather than a goal setter. A dreamer thinks it would be nice to live abroad for 6 months. A goal setter looks at the dream to live abroad for 6 months, asks what his working situation would need to look like, what things he/she will need to do before moving, where the best place to move will be, when the best time to go will be, and then executes. This is a subtle, but critical shift in thinking that leads to results. I believe this change in approach will help me get where I’m trying to go over the next several months.

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