Real Estate

Long-Term: Buy 2nd Multi-Family Property
Short-Term: Force Appreciation of 1st Property via Repairs
Progress: Completed Purchase of 1st Multi-Family Property


Long-Term: 100 Countries
Short-Term: Visit 5 Countries This Year (Europe Planned Next)
Progress: Visited Peru, Colombia, Cuba This Year


Long-Term: 1,000 E-mail subscribers
Short-Term: 250 E-mail subscribers
Progress: 124 E-mail subscribers


Long(er)-Term: $1000/month outside of job
Short-Term: $100/month outside of W-2 job
Progress: Maximum of $800 in a month, but inconsistent

Net Worth

Long-Term: $1,000,000 By Age 30
Short-Term: $100,000 By Jan 1, 2018
Progress: $86,000 - September 16, 2017

30 Things to Do By 30

  1. Become a millionaire.
  2. Go a year without drinking.
  3. Become fluent in Spanish (At age 25)
  4. Become fluent in Japanese.
  5. Live in Australia for 3 months.
  6. Learn to surf. (At age 25)
  7. Live in a Spanish speaking country for 3 months. (At age 25)
  8. Become a software engineer. (At age 25)
  9. Buy a real estate investment each calendar year.
  10. Break 80 in 18 holes of golf.
  11. Start my own (successful) business.
  12. Quit the 9 to 5 for good.
  13. Take my parents on a big vacation.
  14. Go bungee jumping.
  15. Visit every continent.
  16. Go to the top 5 steakhouses in Chicago.
  17. Join the 800 pound club (weightlifting). (At age 25)
  18. Get married.
  19. Hike Kilimanjaro and Fuji.
  20. Ski Banff and Whistler.
  21. Learn to fly an airplane.
  22. Be the best man in a wedding.
  23. Write a 300+ page book.
  24. Have a kid.
  25. Get a dog.
  26. Perform live at Kingston Mines.
  27. Start a real estate investment Meet Up group. (At age 25)
  28. Coach a little league baseball team.
  29. Join a country club with a golf course.
  30. Win a championship in a sport (no matter how big or small).