3 Easy Steps for Beating the Post-Work Drag – Net Worth: $140K (RecoveringCubicleGuy)

Readers: I want to introduce my friend and business partner who will be writing for the blog alongside me. He shares my dream of reaching $1M in net worth by the age of 30 and he will share his ideas on financial freedom and personal growth and will also update you on his journey to $1M. He’ll be signing his posts “RecoveringCubicleGuy” and will be writing regularly.

RecoveringCubicleGuy grew up and went to school in the Midwest and now lives in Chicago. We both work together at the same consulting firm and we’re also partners in our first real estate investment, a small multi-family property here in Chicago.

Net Worth Update: Since this is my first post, here’s an update and brief background on my progress towards $1M in net worth. As of today (age 26), my net worth is $140K. I was lucky enough to leave undergrad with no student debt and my parents generously gifted me roughly $60,000 over the last 5-6 years. I’m planning to crank up my savings by cutting back on big expenses like rent (I will be living in our investment property) and working to increase my income from side projects.

3 Easy Steps for Beating the Post-Work Drag

Some days all you want to do after work is drain a few beers or zone out to some Netflix or meaningless regular season baseball. I get it. There are times when my day is so mentally draining that I struggle to maintain a conversation with my roommates.

When I first started working a full-time job, I gave in to this urge constantly. It wasn’t all bad (I crushed all five seasons of Breaking Bad in three weeks) but I soon realized I was cheating myself of valuable time to improve myself, have fun, and pursue my side projects. I made all kinds of excuses: I’ll work on it tomorrow night, I’m too tired to think about it right now, I have more important things to do (usually not the case), the list goes on.

The excuses I made usually weren’t true and they held me back from pursuing things that made me happy, like working out, learning Spanish, or planning my next trip. If you want to stop making excuses and start making progress on your goals, try these three steps.

1. Find Your ‘Why’

To beat the urge to crash after work, you need a ‘why’. It could be a specific goal to cook a healthy meal each night or get in a workout, or it could be a long-term pursuit like learning a new skill, building a business, or planning a trip. Find something that motivates you enough to take action even if it doesn’t sound like fun when you’re exhausted at 7PM after a long day.

2. Plan Your Next Move

When you wake up in the morning, write down one to three specific next steps you’re going to take that night to make progress on your goal or pursuit. If you don’t define your next steps, you’ll find yourself making excuses like “I’m still thinking about what to do next”.

3. Don’t Sit Down

This is the most important step. When you get home, don’t sit down. Don’t sit at the kitchen table. Don’t sit on your bed. And most importantly, don’t sit on the couch. Put your stuff down and keep moving. If you sit down you’re more likely to get sucked into your phone, the TV, or whatever else is going on around you. Even better than not sitting down: getting out of the house. If you’re working on a new blog post or book, head to the coffee shop or library. If you’re planning on going for a run, lay out your running clothes in the morning and change into them immediately when you get home.

What are you working on after work? Leave a comment below or drop us a note – we’d love to hear about what you’re pursuing when your day job ends and your side hustle begins.

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